Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another month bites the dust

Jade Raymond's lovely smile and deep brown eyes that you could get lost in
I've just realised I've got over a donzen draft articles that I haven't yet had the time to polish up and publish.

Honestly, I've been playing more games and writing about them than the month long inactivity of this blog would suggest. I will get around to posting thoughts on Ghostbusters, Shadow Complex, Monkey Island, and more very soon.

Look, here's a picture of Jade Raymond to keep the masses happy. She's just been promoted, if you didn't know, and according to a bunch of oddballs on self-proclaimed industry voice* The Chaos Engine, this is a terrible and/or very suspicious thing. A pretty girl who's good at her job, whoever heard of such a jape?

Anyway, that's enough baiting from me for the time being.

* Read "bunch of two dozen regulars who like to argue with each other, while eleven hundred lurkers hang around to see if their company gets a mention or some really juicy gossip gets accidentally spilled"

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