Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You want to play now? Too bad

Yes I know this is a picture of the Xbox title update but I couldn't find any PS3 title update pictures online and I'm too lazy to go and take a picture myself
Why do game updates on PS3 take so long?

We're having some friends over on New year's day, so I popped in Buzz and Singstar to make sure they were updated and could just be played straight away if the mood takes us.

There have been two updates for Buzz, weighing in at 345MB and 51MB. What the hell, almost 400MB of updates to a quiz game? On my 2Mb broadband connection (not the broadest for sure, but we take what we can get out in the country) this takes half an hour, during which the PS3 is out of action (no background downloading of title updates, unlike the iPhone).

When a game update is available for the 360 it generally takes 30 seconds or so to download and patch, before launching me back in to the game.

Come on Sony, sort it out.

And can any readers tell me what on earth is in these enormous updates? It can't all be code, so what other stuff am I getting?

Oh well, DJ Hero has arrived now so we might just play that instead.

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Anonymous said...

Microsoft has a one time cumulative patch max size of 4MB and they control the content servers so that is why the 360 patches are quick. Not sure about the PS3, sucks to not have background updating/downloading because at least then you could do something else while the patches where downloading.