Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crack slightly further down.

The Crackdown downloadable content is pretty good. A bit too heavy on the repetitive tasks (complete all races in all cars, collect all cars, do all this with X setting etc). It's a shame they removed the "play with wandering gangs" option, so now you can only either have the end game 'no gangs' or start the city again from scratch. Why they couldn't have three options I don't know (I doubt that any of the devs read this blog, or that anyone would take the three thing seriously).

The new weapons are fun: the minigun takes a bit too long to spin up, holding it back from being great, but I suppose they might have felt the need to balance it, since new players could start the game with it; the harpoon gun is very nice, let down by the bodies vanishing after you go only a short distance away. The new vehicles feel slightly more pointless than the old ones, though the buggy is surprisingly great fun to drive and do stunts with.

Rocket tag is a fun addition that's made even better if you trying playing it with gang hit squads chasing you, but the other new two player modes feel under-developed.

One thing I've learnt in the past though, is that if your car races have cheaty warpy elastic band AI you shouldn't put radar blips on them since it makes their underhanded ways very obvious to the player.

I think I might be about to fall off the "no longer addicted to Crackdown" wagon.

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