Thursday, May 17, 2007

If at first you don't succeed.

Recently Microsoft added the ability to have your Xbox stay on in a low power mode while it finishes any downloads that you'd queued up from Live. It sounds like a great feature, like the download queues themselves, and it is pretty good. But it needs another feature to compliment it that the Xbox doesn't currently offer: Automatic retries on downloads.

The problem is that if you set up something to download and it fails, one of two things happens. Either the item is dropped from the list uncompleted (which is annoying since your Xbox will think it's finished, and switch itself off), or an error code message comes up on a separate system blade (which as well as dropping the item from your download list will also stop your Xbox from turning itself off until you press 'OK').

With an automatic retry option these annoying situations could be avoided. Is it really that hard to check if the download is 100% finished before it leaves the list? They could even put in settings for maximum retry attempts and time.

Incidentally, this post has nothing to do with why I'm not playing the Halo 3 beta right now, having set it to download before I left for work this morning.

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