Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Humple pie

I recently read an article on Eurogamer where David Doak talked about various bits and pieces Haze related. It was interesting enough, but then I had a brief flick through the comments on the article (I'm my own worst enemy really, but sometimes you just feel like being astounded by the stupidity of your audience, you know?) and came across this gem.

Other developers are usually humble
I have no idea where that idea came from. If I was to list my major peeves with the games industry and the people who work in it (which I almost did once, before I decided that I liked having some bridges left available to me), somewhere near the top would be:

People who appear to not like any games at all, or say everything "looks shit" without playing it, or watching it for more than two minutes.

So many people who work in the industry appear to not like any games at all. I mean, I've not conducted any kind of survey to find out exact numbers, but I've seen it myself in the past, and I know from talking to colleagues that it happens just as often in studios they work at.

I have a firm believe that this particular behaviour is down to a deep-rooted fear that other people think everything they do is shit, too. Or possibly because they know that most of the things they do are shit. It's okay to like a game, or to think it's pretty. Or even to say that they have good tech. There's no crime in offering praise to the competition, it's a good thing.

And I'm still looking forward to Haze.


FG said...

I found it amusing (hateful) seeing people trying to find faults in Forza (waaah waah too many modern cars everything was better in the 70's!!!) before eventually giving up and jumping on the 'best console racing game ever, everyone should be playing it' bandwagon. Presumably these people were too busy saying 'lol XBOX HUEG am i rite lol PS2 4 eva' when the first Forza came out to even give it a chance, because it's really not that different to the first one ie. great.

'The art style is shit' is another one I hear quite often. People ripped the shit out of Crackdown for that before eventually playing it and having to concede that it doesn't matter, it's really good fun, and the art style has grown on them.

I think it's a small but vocal minority that make it fashionable to hate everything. Unfortunately they often seem to be quite senior people...

TSDK said...

"And I think not having a gun or not using a gun is a very interesting place to be. It's horrible because you just have this thing. Everyone's going, 'how do you break down the walls of this box that you've so happily constructed around yourself?'"

You have to admit though, he does sound a little drunk in this interview.