Thursday, June 14, 2007

A passion's need

I love reading articles about Assassin's Creed on Eurogamer. Not because I like to soak up every detail about the game, but because the comments are always an hilarious shitstorm.

On one side you have people banging on about how they'd like to bang on Jade Raymond, and on the other you have the glorious white knights of the internet defending her honour.

I particularly liked this post:

There is no denying that Jade is pretty, but I think it would do the industry a world of good if we are able to attract a greater representation of females in all level. Jade do make us look more normal you know? She is not just a face but articulate and our school boys response would just confirm that our beloved gaming is an immature one!

Please dont drive Jade away especially if she read this comments! Led, absolutely shocked at your immature and sexist comment.
What a noble and thought-provoking comment. Whoops, hang on - he's not finished yet...
Jade if you do happen to read this I am happy to be contacted for anything.. anything at all!
Oh I see, you just want to get into her pants as well. I find these posts funnier than the lewd ones - the idea of someone thinking that by writing a long and serious comment telling off all of the naughty boys being rude about a lady they will somehow attract her attention and result in some kind of romance, tickles me.

(And somewhere between them you get about 5 posts of people talking about the game, which is looking quite pretty, and worth a play - much like Jade Raymond. Hahahahaha.)

(Sorry Jade.)

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JC Barnett said...

There have been some occasional photos of Ms Raymond in Famitsu too. The Japanese seem to agree she's pretty, if not downright HAWT or however that is spelled in today's youf internet sp3ak...

Everybody loves Raymond.

I would just like to see the game finished and on the shelves because between the two that's probably the only one I will be able to get my hands on.