Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Definitive Unarguably Best Game of 2007 That Only a Moron Would Be Without or Disagree With

Well, everyone else is doing it so why not, eh?

This last year's been an odd one for me, mainly because of this blog - I've never been able to sit back at the end of a year and look back over what I've played, and what my thoughts on those games were at the time, in such detail. It is an oddly reassuring and peaceful thing to do, to the point that I would actually recommend other people do it too.

Xbox achievements give extra insight too - looking over my played list shows which games that, though I might look fondly on retrospectively, I never bothered to get more than halfway through.

If it was based on time spent then I would have to go with either Slitherlink or Soltrio Solitaire, both of which have been constants since I got them. But they're essentially time wasters (well, moreso than all games) in that they're something I pick up when I only have 10 minutes to spare, when I'm sat somewhere with only my DS on me, or when I'm too drained to play anything with a more hectic pace.

So after thinking it all over, I would probably go with Crackdown. Though I haven't picked it up in ages, I played it solidly for a couple of months, and enjoyed it every time. In fact, I might even give it a bit of a go this afternoon.

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