Thursday, February 28, 2008

Absolutely Fableous

Here's a top tip for you - my method for vastly increasing the chances that you'll enjoy Fable 2.

1) Have a look at a single screenshot of Fable 2 - this should be enough for you to gather that it's a fantasy themed game.

2) Play Fable 1. I think it's on Xbox originals now, and the PC version is probably easy to get hold of. Or just have a look for some Youtube videos of it being played. You'll soon realise it's an action role playing sort of thing.

These first two steps are to weed out people who will definitely not enjoy it, because of the setting or type of game. The only people still reading should be those who would be interested in a fantasy themed action role playing game. Step 3 is the important one for those people.

3) Never ever EVER read, watch, or listen to, any development diaries, interviews, soundbites, or basically any output at all from Peter Molyneux. Not about Fable, and not about anything else (just to be on the safe side).

This was the method that I used before Fable came out, and it worked out well. While I was playing it I was enjoying what was there. But anyone who disobeyed the golden third rule had a very different experience, and spent their entire playing time noticing what promised elements weren't in the game after all.

So there you go - to enjoy Fable 2, try and know nothing about Fable 2.

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