Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Blub, more like

What is it about people called Ward?

I "got it", I just didn't think that the core concept - stylishly killing people for points - was fully carried through by the gameplay. Certainly not in the demo, and after a quick look at the website it seems the full game offers little new.

You can either shoot someone, or shoot them in the head. It didn't have any other type of skill shot as far as I could tell.

Killing enemies felt dull. No over the top death animations, or excited text telling you how good you are.

Movement felt slow and rubbish. No diving, flipping, or cartwheeling while you kill targets to increase your bonus.

The weapons felt bland. A dozen variations of 'rifle' and 'shotgun'. Where's the harpoon gun for pinning enemies together for bonus points? The molotov that sets targets alight (who then set other targets alight as they run around screaming, earning you a multiplier)? The bonus for playing an entire level using just the aluminium baseball bat?

Basically, it's worse at what it does than Max Payne, or Total Overdose, or Stranglehold or Quake 3. It has no flair, no soul, and is a completely missed opportunity.


JC Barnett said...

People called "Ward" and industry professionals in general need to understand that if they feel a need to go on-line to "explain why their product isn't shit, despite popular opinion" they:
a. shouldn't
b. accept that maybe THEY are wrong.

Prima Donna developers speaking to the media about how they are misunderstood - that's all we need.

Anonymous said...

I heard that X-Factor winner Shayne Ward said "People just don't understand my vision" when people decribed his last song as generic-overproduced-sub-R&B-pap

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