Monday, March 10, 2008

Good idea - Army of Two's GPS

This game features a lovely map / waypointing system that overlays onto the screen, turning the entire thing into a nice simplified HUD view that simplifies and highlights the geometry. At the same time it winds a lovely bright spline along the player's route, and tags up anything that can be interacted with.

Despite it being both practical and very nice, I've not been able to find any screenshots on the internet of it. So you'll have to make do with this one that I took with a camera. Sorry.

Army of Two's GPS


JC Barnett said...

I'd say it's a failure of the art direction and game design if such blatantly obvious navigation help is neccesary. I often find myself, in realistic looking games, lost and not knowing where to go. Good art direction can use many tricks to guide the player's eye, but this skills seems somewhat lacking in most games.

That said, I love me a good nav system and this one certainly looks good for the task!

FreakyZoid said...

Yup, totally agree. Especially in a game as linear as Army of Two.

Anonymous said...

yep i quite like the
nav system.
just such a shame .
about region lock
i cant get a game.
a fun but seriously
flawed game.