Monday, October 20, 2008

And it Burns, Burns, Burns

Red ring of death
Well, it's happened. My second Xbox 360 has died. Something in the end of level sequence for Lego Batman stressed it an inch too far, and it gave up (though if it took my 60% complete save file with it I won't be happy). Just in time for the game release silly season. What a pain in the arse.

This one has lasted pretty much a month shy of two years, having been delivered as a replacement for the actual 360 I bought, which lasted around six months. So, their lifetimes are improving.

Also improved is Microsoft's support phone line. Whereas two years ago I had to jump through a few hoops before they would take in my console, now they are very quick to believe your tale and get the relacement process started.

The plus side of having been through this before is that I had a perfect cardboard box ready for shipping the dead console off in - the one it arrived in.

Oh well, time to give the PS3 a bit more attention. It's a shame Little Big Planet has just been delayed though.

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JC Barnett said...

I have categorically stopped buying XBox360 games after mine died 3 times. I just cannot trust it to work at a time when I'm excited to play any new game.
Luckily, in my case, my copy of Little Big Planet shipped before the recall, so my PS3 is churning away happily basking my disused Xbox in a hot glow of bad cooling and gaming excellence!