Thursday, March 01, 2007

Zoë Balls, more like.

Just when I was wondering what to post about today, someone bails me out by doing something terribly mockable. Thanks, Kuju - oh, sorry Zoë Mode.

Seriously, what the hell?

Her personality represents the kind of consumers we're targeting, and to some extent the type of people that work at the studio
So you've done this because her personality is your target audience? Oh, hang on...

Everything about Zoë Mode as a personality is the real true essence of what the studio is.
You've done it because the dev studio staff have the same interests as a young girl?

We're saying we're about making games for people like this
Now you're back to "she's the target audience"? Which is it (probably better to step away from the "we like the same things as young girls do" line, it sounds rather creepy)? I hope this takes off, I would like to see more game studios and production companies named after an imaginary target audience member.

Tomorrow's update - Epic Games renamed as "Butch McMuscles".

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