Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Call of Duty 2 (360)

Okay I know it's a bit late, but "old but still maybe useful" content is better than none at all, right? Well, moving on...

CoD2 is quite good. I'm not into the whole World War thing, so I found the story quite boring (ha, take that, history!) but as a shooter it works nicely. It has

  • Some very cool set-pieces
  • Some incredibly identikit Egyptian and European village missions
  • Infinite Nazi generators that imply there are hundreds of facists hiding in a single house at the start of a level
  • And tteam mate AI which wobbles between very cool and deeply annoying (I suspect a lot of the cool stuff is scripted).

Apparently it's almost identical to the PC version, which doesn't surprise me - it has a feel of 'developed for keyboard and mouse' twitch controls that recent console shooters seem to be trying to move away from.

But on the whole you feel like it's a proper war, and I suppose that's the idea. Christ, just don't get it for the incredibly difficult achievements.

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