Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First post!

Ha ha, see what I did there? It's a joke about idiots who post tat in the comments fields of games websites. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Hello, I work in the games industry. It's not entirely unrelated that I play what I would describe as "a lot of" games, and that I have opinions about them. Because they are mine, I think that those opinions are worth writing down. In time maybe someone will even read them, and possibly even agree with me.

A few ground rules are probably a good idea at this point:

  • I won't be writing about any of my employer's games, or (hopefully) anything else that will get my botty spanked at work. I'll also mention right now that anything I write here is very much my own opinion (or at least someone else's that I thought was good enough to steal), and certainly not the opinion of my employer. If you quote me and try to imply I'm some sort of company spokesman you'll not only be very wrong, but you'll also hurt my feelings, because you clearly haven't read and understood these very important words.
  • I will be writing about games that I'm currently playing, and probably also ones that I have played in the past. I won't just be saying nice things about them, but I will always say more than just "this is shit".
  • I'll also be talking about some development stuff that interests me. Lots of that sort of thing can end up either very boring, or just whinging - so I'll try and keep it a bit shorter.
  • Since there's no way I could fill an entire blog of just those things, I'll probably throw in some guff about general games industry news that I find interesting or just funny.
  • I will be using too many commas and brackets and trying to refine some kind of writing style.

Right, that's enough for now. Don't worry - I'll be talking about games soon, I promise!

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