Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rainbow 6: Vegas (360)

Some thoughts about a more recent game now. Possibly my favourite shooter of 2006.

  • I bought a squad based game set in Vegas. For the first level I'm by myself in some boring Mexican town. I already shot the crap out of Mexaco in Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter.
  • Voice control in single player is cool, or at least it would be if it worked consistantly. Shame the video feeds and teammate chat don't come through your earpiece too - it would be so much more atmospheric.
  • Casino levels are awesome. Sewer level was cack. (I liked the bits of levels that were "behind the scenes" of Vegas though. The back alley just before the sewer level, for example, where you can still see the glitz just one street over from you.)
  • Multiplayer levels feel quite badly designed. Would have been better entirely custom built instead of cobbled together out of pieces of single player levels. Graphically they look 'a bit Counter-Strike' (and not the Source version either).
  • Cover controls are nice, but shame it doesn't have the SWAT turn for doorways. Gears of War had some nice cover to cover moves.
  • Some of the terrorist comments are very funny "He was my best friend you bastard!". I keep expecting to come across one talking about how he's going to get married when this is all over.
  • Inverse rappelling and shooting people through windows feels extremely cool.
  • Enemies seem to be overly dense when it comes to kills with silencers. If two guys are stood next to each other and you shoot one through a window with a silencer, his friend won't start shooting at the window where the shot obviously came from.
  • Hate the multiplayer experience system. Co-op terrorist hunt on normal difficulty always gets you 300 points. Even if you do one of the hard levels and your friend dies leaving you to clear the whole thing yourself, 300 points.
  • Because it's a bit realistic, it doesn't try and balance the shotguns at all - they're as stupidly dangerous as you'd expect, instead of the usual game "shotgun only damages 3m in front of you" thing. (This is a plus point, in case you couldn't tell.)

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