Wednesday, January 17, 2007

FEAR (360) - part 2

Why would you not include a subtitles option in your story-based shooter (and also mix the voice audio so low that even when it's twice as loud as the other audio in the options menu, it's still mostly inaudible). They're basically saying that any deaf gamers shouldn't be allowed to follow what's going on. (Though judging by the bits I have managed to pick out, they wouldn't be missing much. Supernatural little girls are definitely in the horror genre big book of cliches these days.) Way to try and keep gaming accessible to a wide audience!

Another gripe is that your bullet time bar depletes too quickly, and takes too long to charge up. So what if making me be able to use it more would make the game easier? Put in more enemies to balance it out - then the slo-mo bullet-trail-porno gunfights would be even more over the top! I thought the Matrix games had proved that everyone wants to be Neo, not that crap woman who keeps crashing during the driving bits.

So far I've played through the warehouse and pipe-factory levels, and am halfway through an office (though it's mostly the maintenance bits of an office, so thankfully they can stick to the same texture set and prop objects that they've been using for the last three hours).

Yeah, I think I might be getting bored of this now. Maybe be time to go back to Splinter Cell....

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