Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where else can you throw Sean Paul in front of a moving train?

Once again the curse of the moronic hardcore gamer inflicts a dull blow on Eurogamer's comments field. Def Jam Icon has been deemed to be shit before anybody posting comments has even had a go at playing it (hey, the demo's out this week, why not wait 3 days and finely tune your super-edgy-cool anti-mainstream 'I hate hip-hop' rant?)

Fighting games are obviously stinkers if they don't fit into one of these rigid categories:

  • It is a 2d sprite based game with billions of characters.
  • It is a Virtua fighter game.
  • It is a Smash Bros game.

Anything else is clearly worthless, developed, marketed to, and bought wholesale by bottom-feeding mouth-breathing chavvy chavsters.

I mean, it's not like the previous two games are excellent fighting games developed by Aki, or that the new one is developed by EA Chicago who make the very good Fight Night. And try and forget that the game attempts to do something interesting with the environment and music (something that could be considered 'innovative' if you actually used the word properly instead of just shorthand for 'I like Nintendo's new Mario game'). No, you just have to know that the game surrounds itself with an over-the-top gangsta rap culture, so it's crap.


Anonymous said...

The art style of the last game was much better than this brown next-gen shit therefore it will be rubbish. Plus, look at the videos, all you can do is punch because it's being made by EA Chicago who only know how to make fighting games where you can punch and the gameplay is really slow and probably has tearing

Anonymous said...

Nice way to reiterate one of my Eurogamer comments into a blog post of your own! Loser!