Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Games I wish someone would do a new version of ... G-Police

(The first in what will probably be an irregular series.)

G-Police suffered from an unnecessarily complicated control scheme, and from trying to push the PlayStation too far (a console game with frame-rate / draw distance settings?) On modern hardware, with a simplified flight model, it could be great. They might want to mix the missions up a bit too make them more interesting though, maybe steal a few bits and pieces from Zeewolf (a very nice Amiga helicopter game, also hampered by the target hardware).

There aren't enough free-roaming city games with helicopters in these days - an Airwolf-style agency chopper would fit nicely into Crackdown's already very 3d city, for example - which is a shame.

And that concludes today's "Games I wish someone would do a new version of".

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I was just thinking about that game as few days ago. There was a PC version, and I think it was among the first hardware 3D accelerated games I you could get for the PC. I think it it's a prime candidate for an XNA project, it's not too tricky.