Friday, February 09, 2007

Punch him - punch him in the face now!

Okay, now you can start slagging off Def Jam: Icon.

Was it so hard? All they needed to do was take the great srapping engine of Fight for New York (it felt fast, weighty and brutal in just the right way that left you winching and going 'ooh, that must have hurt' when you smashed Elephant Man's allegedly racist head into a speakerbox) and add suitably 'next gen' poly counts. They could have even slapped in their silly turntables & Mr Softy bouncing buildings and no-one would have objected too much.

But instead they decided to turn it into Fight night: Round Oh Dear. It feels slow, it fells unresponsive, the camera likes to sit in places that make distances difficult to judge, and when you do connect with a move, or throw your opponent into the gas tank, it just doesn't feel like any damage is being done.

Oh yeah, and they seem to have removed the nice variety of mix-n-match fighting moves, to go for something that looks a bit more like what you'd expect to see when two grown men start punching each other on a petrol station forecourt. Which just seems stupid when the buildings are dancing along next to you.

Oh well.

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