Saturday, February 24, 2007

"Or you could target stupid hardcore gamers and Japanophiles..."

...who'll play anything as long as it has kanji on the box and they can drone away on every internet forum they can find about what an awesome and overlooked game it is, and isn't it some kind of crime against humanity that the moron public bought Fifa instead?

Point 1.3 is a marketing strategy I could really get behind!

Still, is it just me or does that seems like one hell of a complicated puzzle game for something advertising itself as "easy to play"?


Matthew said...

Daikatana had kanji on the box...

JC Barnett said...

I don't know why I let myself get pissed off so much by something so inconsequential, but I do. It annoys me, especially as the name, in this case, really is just based on Japanophilia, rather than any kind of Japanese style, philosophy or setting.
Daikatana, the kanji too, was also a laughable (and incorrect) Western's idea of "cool Japanese". If anything it'd have been "Daitou". It's a little bit like people with misspelled kanji tattoos thinking they look cool.

For balance, it annoys me too when the Japanse do it with German and other European languages.

Maybe I'm just too anal. Sorry.